Why we ride

Changing lives with Qhubeka

We race for something bigger than ourselves – to help people in Africa to move forward with the help of a bicycle. We believe #BicyclesChangeLives. This is the reason we clip in and ride, our motivation to win races. 

The hands at the back of our jersey are a reminder to us that every Qhubeka bicycle is a helping hand up to a Qhubeka beneficiary. To us, as a team, it symbolises the power that bicycles have in changing lives. You can help us impact more lives by making a donation to Qhubeka.

Qhubeka: Get to know the project

Qhubeka is a charity that moves people forward with bicycles.  People earn bicycles through our programmes, improving their access to schools, clinics and jobs.

A bicycle is a tool that helps people to travel faster and further, and to carry more. In the face of extreme and persistent poverty, bicycles can change lives by helping to address socioeconomic challenges at the most basic level – helping people to get where they need to go.


Donate here and change a life today!

Consider making a reoccurring donation to Qhubeka. For just $18 a month you could donate a complete bicycle by the end of the year. Alternatively, support Qhubeka by purchasing some cool BCL merch.